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Silver Fish
Each of our treats features a main ingredient that was rescued from going
to waste!      
We piggyback with small businesses and tiny, family-run farms by rescuing usable, human-grade foods and making them into healthy treats for pets!  

Welcome to Piggyback Treats Company, where we provide your furrmily with delicious and unique treats for dogs and cats made from human-grade ingredients. Our air-dried raw recipes are health-conscious, locally sourced, and sustainably made.


As a woman & chef owned small business, we take pride in crafting each batch by hand, using only the best ingredients sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed, and wild-caught proteins.


Since 2015, our mission has been, and always will be to reduce food waste by piggybacking with tiny, family run farms and local businesses, rescuing usable, human-grade foods, which would go to waste otherwise, and making them into healthy treats for dogs and cats!

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