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How are your goodies any different than other pet businesses?

We work really hard to make our dreams come true.  With a mission of reducing food waste, we focus our attention on featuring these rescued food items in each of our goodies.  Because we started this business ourselves, we had the opportunity to found the company with these standards in place.  Most existing companies can't make the sacrifices it takes to make good use of these rescued foods before they are no longer usable.  We built every aspect of our business with the sole purpose of reducing food waste.  We also have strict guidelines to help ensure we're actually doing that and not just buying ingredients like everyone else does.


What standards do you have to ensure you're rescuing food and not just buying ingredients?

It took us some time to figure this out.  We often have local businesses asking us to buy their food items because they don't sell as quickly as other foods.  

While this seems to make sense, it doesn't follow closely enough with our standards to qualify as "rescued food" and in it's current state it wouldn't be contributing to food waste.

For the most part, if a food item is it headed for the trash, but still usable, then we will take it and invest our time and resources into it to make it sellable.  


We have to be very honest with ourselves when we ask these questions:

"Are you able to use it in your establishment in another way?"  -- if yes, then this is not for us.

"Are you able to sell this item in it's current state, you just wish you had a buyer now?"  -- If yes, then this is not for us.

"Is it preventing your business/farm from making a profit?" -- If yes, then this will probably work for us.

"Is it unsuitable for sale to the public in it's current state, but still usable - you just don't have the time?" -- If yes, then this will probably work for us.

"Is it being thrown away to make space for new inventory?"  -- If yes, then this will work for us.

"Will you be disposing of this item in order to get it out of the way and get on with business?"  -- If yes, then this will work for us.

"Does this item require significant time to make sellable, and you just don't have that time?"  -- If yes, then this will work for us.


How can you be a sustainable business if you contribute to

packaging waste?

This is something that we are always looking to improve on.  Right now, all of our plastic packages are certified compostable in an industrial composting facility.(DIN Certco under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432).  Our kraft tin tie bags (they look like coffee bags) are also certified compostable once the tin is removed.  Our glass jars are recyclable and our shopping bags are made from recycled materials.  We're working hard to find an alternative shopping bag that is compostable, because we believe that will leave less need for energy expenditure in the long run.  Check back with us as we make great changes to improve!

Common Shipping Questions

When will my goodies to arrive?

  • Take a look at "my orders" on your profile page and be checking your email for a tracking number. Remember this is an estimate and will likely change throughout transit.  Once shipped, it’ll take 3-8 business days to get to you, depending on how far from each other we are.

My tracking isn’t showing anything 

  • If you just received your tracking email it may take a couple days to update, we are waiting on details from our carriers. 

  • Sometimes packages aren't scanned at every location.  We know it's hard to be patient, but just hold tight and there will be updates soon! 

Tracking hasn’t updated for a few days, is it still on it's way?

  • Not all Piggyback Boxes are scanned by our shipping partners at every location. Your goodies may be moving, we just can’t see all of its progress.

  • if you notice it’s been over 4-5 days without any movement, let our us know so we can keep an eye on it.

It’s showing as delivered, but it’s not here?

  • Verify that your address is correct on your shipping email.

  • Check with your neighbors.

  • Check with your local post office.

I still have questions. Who can help me?

You can contact the us via email We’re happy to help! 

Can I Exchange Something My Pet Didn't Love?

If your pet isn't 100% happy with their goodies, we'll work with you to make it right.  We do ask for you to be considerate though, that a food item that is opened cannot be resold.  We make each item by hand in small batches, and we cannot guarantee that all pets will love every item on our menu.  If  you have a picky pet, we encourage you to reach out to us before making a big purchase so we an help guide you toward items the tend to go over well with the pickier ones!

Connect with us via email

**To be considered for an exchange, unused products must be returned in original packaging, sealed, without signs of use. Not sure if your item qualifies for an exchange?  Just ask! 

I buy for a retail store. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do! Please send us an email to set up a wholesale account.

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