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  • Salmon and NOTHING else!  


    Small 4 Ounce Jar $10

    Large 11 Ounce Jar $22


    IT'S BACK!  

    We've made a slight change to this fan favorite, but don't worry - it's no less as amazing as it has always been!  When we first launched this item, we made it using salmon belly trimmings from local restaurants, and now we've upgraded it to include all parts ofthe salmon meat, not just the belly.  Rich with natural fish oils, this item has a soft pate-like consistency.  It's our most often requested and most likely sold out item!  Grab it while it's hot!!!


    Works wonders for those with itchy dry coat, hot spots or seasonal allergies!  Omegas are also great to support healthy joints and eyesight!


    Dog and Cat friendly!

    Once opened, store in the fridge.  Use within one week of opening, or portion into an ice cube mold and store in the freezer before it goes past it's prime!


    Recommended Servings:

    Small Breed Dogs and Cats: 1 tsp up to 2 times daily

    Medium Breed Dogs and Large Cats: 2 tsp up to 2 times daily

    Large Breed Dogs: 1 TB up to 2 times daily

    Giant Breed Dogs: 2 TB up to 2 times daily


    If you'd like to serve more to your pets, just monitor to make sure they aren't getting too much oil in their diet.  Look for loose/oily stool and you'll know to pull back a bit.  Eating excess amounts of salmon can also cause stool to become dark/black in color.  Just feed less to avoid this!



    Salmon Meal Topper

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