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  • Air Dried Raw, Wild Caught Salmon Skins, Snack Pack of 4 Pieces


    Each piece measures approximately 6” to 7” long and 2” to 3” wide.


    Our Air Dried Raw, Wild Caught Salmon Skins work great for dogs of most sizes, however we’ve found that giant breed dogs might not feel inclined to chew because the whole piece fits into their mouth in one bite (we have an English mastiff who has put this to the test for us).

    These should NOT be cut any smaller, even if you have a small dog. These are chewy and will flex over their teeth when they bite into it! If a dog receives a smaller sized piece, they could feel tempted not to chew, but to “chomp and swallow”. Keeping the pieces this safe size helps to prevent “chomp and swallow” because it’s longer than most muzzles and feels “big” in their mouth, therefore discouraging swallowing without chewing! Your pup will hold the piece and get comfy chewing away. Again, please don’t cut these any smaller or your pup could gag while trying to swallow a piece that hasn’t been chewed.

    This is a natural item that varies in length and width, though we do try to keep sizes consistent. Our photos are a good example of what your treats will look like.

    - Air Dried Raw, Wild Caught Salmon Skins are a fantastic natural chew that is completely digestible!

    - Air Dried Raw, Wild Caught Salmon Skins work great for teething pups and for older dogs, too.


    - Best for dogs who understand how to chew before swallowing, but these are also one of our favorite treats that helps to teach dogs new textures! (See our blog post Teaching Your Pup How To Chew to learn more!)

    - Agressive chewers or large jawed dogs will chew these up rather quickly! Softer mouthed dogs will enjoy these best!


    - Our recommendation doesn't doesn't mean that these will work best for your specific dogs, but we try to include enough information that will help you make a good decision!

    - Monitor your dogs and learn their chewing habits. Provide them with plenty of fresh water. They get thirsty when chewing!


    - This should be given in moderation as a treat, not a meal replacement.


    - These are air dried slowly at temperatures that keep them in the raw state, preserving nutrients and also helping to prevent them from crunching into large pieces. These will soften and become like raw salmon skin as soon as your pup starts to chew! Dogs LOVE these!


    - Store in a glass canister or in the packaging we send it to you in! Sealing chewed pieces into an airtight container after they have been exposed to moisture could cause mold growth! Let chewed pieces dry out in open air before sealing in a container. No need to refrigerate or freeze these, but if you choose to do so please continue storing in the same way. Refrigerated treats should be used up or thrown away within 7 days. Frozen treats can be stored for up to 6 months. They are safe to be left out until your pet no longer shows interest or consumes them completely as long as you are supervising your pets chewing time.

    Air Dried Raw, Wild Caught Salmon Skins - Snack Pack

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