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Sustainably Sourced, Hand Made Pet Treats

Cat and Dog Treats Made With a Conscience

PiggyBack Treats company's unique mission is to craft pet treats by rescuing fresh ingredients from small businesses and family farms – Inspired by salmon sourced in northern NY. Because of our unique relationships with over 35 farms and businesses, we have created more than 60 unique, nutritionally beneficial treats, while simultaneously reducing food waste.

Our recipes are sourced using all-natural, sustainability-sourced ingredients. PiggyBack Treats Company will remain steadfast with our commitment to true sustainability from ingredient sourcing to energy suppliers, packaging choices to supply routes, even using secondhand materials most orders!

We are proud of our dog-tested, dog-approved, sustainably sourced pet treats, available  all across the USA from our web store to you, sorted by category –

Shop online or look for our available greater Philadelphia locations and special events that include farmer’s markets across the area!  


Interested in working with us as a sales associate at local events?  Do you feel like you'd bring a ray of sunshine to our customers? Shoot us a message at the email address below:

Please let us know how a member of our staff can help you. We can be reached by email or online.

Are you interested in setting up a PiggyBack Treats Company wholesale account to sell our products? Please send your request to PiggyBack Treats company by email to or use our online contact form.


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