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Do Your Research!


In case we didn't say it loud enough; do your research!  

With more and more businesses using the word "sustainable", it's up to you as a concerned customer, to dig deeper and uncover exactly WHAT each of these places is doing to make that claim, HOW these businesses are backing their claims of sustainability, and WHY they are using such words to sell their products (as a marketing tactic, or are they for real!)

Let's start with the basics:

What Does Sustainable Mean: 

Sustainable: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.  

      -  conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.


There are three main pillars with which the word "sustainable" should refer to:

Social, Economic, Environmental

Delve Deeper By Checking Into The Claims That Are Being Made:

A credible claim is one that conveys a simple, clear message, but also offers the user the ability to find additional information if desired.  To achieve this, the minimum that must be apparent is the name of the organization about which the claim is being made, to allow at the very least an internet search to access further detail.  

At Piggyback Treats Company we built our entire business around the sustainable lifestyle - Yes, we rescue foods from going to waste, but we're doing a whole lot more, too!  Let's touch base on a few tidbits that you might not know about us:

* Our packaging is certified compostable.  In fact, MOST of our bags are backyard compostable, and this includes all of our labeling!  A few of our items (Salmon Thin Skins, and anything in a Zipper pouch) are in packages that are certified for industrial composting.  This means you'll have to check with your local municipalities to find out where to send this type of material so that It will break down into organic matter and not leave a chemical trace behind!  You could still compost these in your backyard, but it'll take a bit longer. 


More on our packaging:

Clear, Flap Closure Resealable Bags - NatureFlex

Clear Front-of-Package Labels, Kraft Labels, Clear Tape + Reseal Tabs - Pure Labels

Clear, Folded/Taped Bags - Clear Bags

Paperboard Inserts - KraftPak

Clear, Zipper Closure Bags + Clear Folded/Taped Bags - Elevate Packaging (Also by the name Pure Labels)


*  We have a few items which are packaged in recyclable glass jars, and a couple items which are packaged in durable, reusable metal tins!  We hope you'll find fun ways to make use of these containers in your life!

*  Our paper shopping bags are either recyclable or compostable, and even reusable!  Same goes for our paper paperboard "Piggyback" boxes!  

*  Much of our shipping materials are reused!  We only use new materials when we've exhausted our many bins of collected, used shipping materials - like bubble wrap, cardboard, boxes, packing paper, paperboard tubes and more.  If you've ordered from us online, you've seen how creative we can get with packaging up your orders!  Our custom branded paper packaging tape can be left on the box and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable! More on that here: Sticker Mule

*  We use wind power (a sustainable energy source) to run our business!  We're also busy testing out new methods of preparing our goodies which could potentially reduce energy consumption significantly.  

Inspire Energy

*  We schedule our food pickups to maximize the amount we pickup with fewer trips out in a vehicle.  This is some serious time-management working from our end, and from the ends of our wonderful piggybacking partners!

*  We pressure-can much of the items we rescue, so that we aren't storing items in single-use plastic bags in the freezer.  By canning ourselves, we're able to reuse the glass jars again and again!  We also dehydrate most of our goodies, which ensures a long shelf life, reducing the amount of energy needed to store in a cooler or freezer.

 More On Canning Here: Going Zero Waste

 If you'd like to learn more, or you see that we're missing something important, then let us know!

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