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  • Salmon Bone Broth

    6oz or 12oz Jars

    Our salmon bone broth is made using heads, spines, fins and skin from atlantic salmon. We add nothing but filtered water - keeping it pure and natural. Once you open it, store in the fridge and use with 7 days. Portion extra into an ice cube mold and freeze to use at another time! Feed at every meal, or whenever you’d like! Easy to digest! Bone broths can help to alleviate dry, itchy skin by nourishing from the inside out! It also offers support for joints, and works wonders on older pets!

    Bone Broth has long been used to promote joint and digestive health, to offer relief from environmental and food related allergies, to boost the immuse system, and to calm upset stomach!


    This rich broth is a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and omega-3 fatty acids!

    This will gel up slightly in the fridge. Take off the cap and microwave for just a couple seconds to loosen up enough for a serving. You can also just feed it to your pets straight from the spoon - jello style! Fish bone broths don’t gel as thick as poultry and mammal bone broths do. This is a super powered broth, with loads of collagen AND omegas!

    Help improve skin, coat and joint health! Top meals or feed as a treat up to three times daily!

    Small Dogs & Cats: 1-2 TB

    Large Dogs: 3-4 TB I

    Salmon Bone Broth

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