Jen and Chris
Meet the Inspiration!

HI!!! I'm Candy (the chocolate lab) and this is my cousin, Darwin (chihuahua/rat terrier mix)! We are the mascotstaste-testers and namesake of Piggyback Treats. The best thing about our treats is they are FOOD, but the next best thing about our treats is that they are made from stuff that was going to go to waste, but it was rescued and made into snacks! If you like us, you'll love our treats! We hit the town often and love attention, so when you see us next

ask us to show you our favorite trick! PIGGYBACK!! 

Meet the Laborers!

Hi there! My name is Jen, and this is Chris beside me. We are the owners and the backbone of Piggyback Treats Company. I've been working as a professional chef for over 16 years, and as a professional dog-spoiler for basically my entire life. Chris is a six year NAVY veteran and has been studying dog-spoiling for 8 years and counting. We have a passion for animals and we believe that our pets deserve not only to be spoiled, but that we can do so while being conscience of our effect on the local environment. We're looking forward to making our mark here in Philadelphia, and we hope to encourage as many people as possible to think sustainably (while spoiling their pets, of course)!

Piggyback Treats Company
Our Mission

is to create each original recipe with the goal of making the main ingredient a "rescued" food item. What that means, is that we work with many local and regional businesses to help reduce their food waste, and maximize on their hard work, time and dedication to their farm or business.  Fallen apples from orchards, spent grains from breweries, fish skins from cleaning stations, and by-products from butcher shops. We even partner with small farms to purchase their lesser popular meat items; like heart, liver, and tongue, so that they aren't wasting freezer space for items they have trouble selling. We produce top quality, human-grade treats without the use of preservatives, 

imitation flavors, sugars or unnecessary additives. Each of our ingredients serves a purpose! We only use fresh, quality ingredients from reputable sources.  Please don't be confused! Nothing we use has gone bad or is close to doing so! We believe that everything can be used when thinking with a creative mind-set!

Piggyback Treats Company
Piggyback Treats Company
Piggyback Treats Company