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Nom, Nom, Nom, Beef Ribs For Chewers

Have you considered Beef Ribs as a natural dental chew for your dog? There are more benefits to just fresh breath when it comes to treating with beef ribs!

Beef Rib Sourcing Is a Big Deal!

When it comes to selecting treats for your pets consider if they are sustainably sourced. At Piggyback Treats, we pride ourselves on offering a substantial range of sustainably sourced products, including beef ribs and other natural dental chews. Hop on our mission to stop food waste while treating your furmily at the same time!

Unleash the Goodness of Beef Rib Bones

If your dog is a fan of chewing, our air dried raw, grass-fed Black Angus Beef Rib Bones are the perfect choice. These nutrient-rich treats are available in various sizes to cater to different chewers. Priced between $9 and $56, depending on size and quantity, these bones are a natural delight for your furry friend. Remember to select our suggested size based on your pet's weight and always monitor their chewing habits. The gentle texture of these bones makes them an enjoyable and beneficial treat for your dog's dental health. A Side Benefit of Treating Beef Ribs: Firmer stool, yep, we are talking poop here. Your dog's digestive acids will dissolve this soft bone, extracting the minerals from it - to benefit their own bone health - and the indigestible bone dust will work to firm up their stool. For dogs with anal gland issues, firmer stoll will help to naturally express anal glands! High five to no more fishbutt! You had to hear this from someone, and we're glad you found out from us.

Monthly Grab Bag: A Win-Win-Win Situation!

Looking for a variety of treats to surprise your pets each month? Our Monthly Grab Bag is a value-packed offer priced this month at $34.99. This grab bag includes three different products, one of which is suitable for dogs and even cat-approved! It's a win-win-win situation where food is rescued from being wasted, surplus is made use of, and you get a great value while your pets savor tasty treats. Please note that customization for allergies is not available due to the preset selection in the bag. Hurry! This offer is for a limited time only, so grab yours before it's gone!

Treat Sustainable! Treat Piggy Back Treats Angus Beef Rib Bones!

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