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Check out some of the small farms and

businesses that we piggyback with!

River scene where Piggyback Treats Salmon comes from




Northern NY State

Dehydrated salmon skin is one of the first treats we started making with a sustainable mindset. The dehydrated Salmon skins actually created a legitimate, doable mission that would ultimately become the basis of how ALL of our treats are created!

What Treats Come From This By-Product?

- Dehydrated Salmon Skins 

- Meaty Tails

- Fish & Herb Bones (gluten free!)

Cleaning stations go through hundreds of Salmon on a daily basis.  Thousands by the end of the season!


Perkasie, PA

After Halloween, what happens to all the leftover pumpkins at your favorite patch?  We take them!  AGA Farms allows anyone who wants or needs pumpkins to come and take away their after-season pumpkins!  

What Treats Come From This By-Product?

- Dehydrated Pumpkin Strips 

- Pumpkin Seed Incentive Training Treats

- Pumpkin Bones (gluten free!)

Atlas had a difficult time fitting

into the car after our pumpkin

rescue mission at AGA Farms!

Testing Phase - Fall 2017

a chocolate lab in the pumpkins we rescue from our piggybacking partners



Love City Brewery

Locust Lane Craft Brewery

Chestnut Hill Brewing Company

Earth Bread + Brewery

 Part of making beer means separating the grains from the brewing liquid.  After the grains are "spent", they typically go to the dumpster, unless local composers arrange to pick them up, or in our case, we pick them up!  


What Treats Come From This By-Product?

- Peanut Butter Bier Bones


- Banana Bier Bones

- Candy's Apple Cider Bier Bones

Philadelphia Area Breweries:
spent grain rescued for our sustainable treats offered on Piggyback Treats

Spent grains need to be used almost immediately after they are separated from the brew.  They're still hot & steamy when we get them!



Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

 Part of operating a market that sells fresh fish, means trimming these bad boys into filets!  Salmon Belly is loaded with rich, natural fish oil.  For humans, this isn't as desirable to eat, as it is very fatty!  We take the trimmings that this market would have thrown out for lack of buyers, and we are STOKED to be making good use of such a beneficial by-product.


What Treats Come From This By-Product?

- Salmon Belly Meal Topper






Center City, Philadelphia

Poi Dog was voted one of Philly's top 50 restaurants!  When cutting the fresh Ahi Tuna into their popular Ahi Poke Bowl, they save the tuna bloodline for us!   Ahi Tuna is loaded with rich, natural fish oil.  For humans, this part isn't as desirable to eat, because of it's fishier flavor!  We take the trimmings that would go to waste otherwise,  and make good use of this unique and beneficial by-product.

What Treats Come From This By-Product?

- Ahi Tuna Meal Topper

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