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  • Stink Stopper Pet Area Stink Remove & Sanitizer

    8oz - Glass Bottle with Spray Nozzle $14

    16oz Concentrate - Glass Bottle for Refilling Spray Bottle


    If you're loving our Stink Stopper, you can now REFILL the 8oz glass spray bottle with our large sized concentrate!  This solution will refill your spray bottle 7 times, just mix the concentrate with water!


    Where do I use this?

    Anywhere your pet might leave their not-so-pleasant odor behind!  In the car, on the couch, in their bed, on the tile floors where they've made a mess!  The list goes on!  Just be sure to test this in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won't change the color of your textiles or hard surfaces!  


    Can I use this on my pets?

    We don't recommend using this on your pets.  This was formulated to use on inanimate objects.  This is safe to use around your pets and should be allowed to airdry before pets are given permission to enjoy the freshly de-stinked surfaces!  (We're working on a different blend for use directly on your pets!)


    Isn't lavendar toxic for some animals?

    We use an extremely diluted amount of lavendar essential oil specifically to avoid exposing our pets to a toxic essential oil.  We add lavendar oil purely for your enjoyment while using this to sanitize surfaces.  The lavendar oil will not leave lingering fragrance or oil residue behind.  Lavendar essential oil makes up just .042% of this bottle!



    Distilled Water, Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lavendar Essential Oil



    Stink Stopper Pet Area Stink Remover & Sanitizer

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