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  • Freeze Dried Pork Spleen


    Spleen is a secreting organ that should be included, along with liver, into your pet's raw feeding routine!  It is highly concentrated with iron, B12, Vitamin C, B3, and other vitamins, plus zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and other minerals.  There is no Vitamin A in spleen, which is why we encourage you to pair it with liver, which is high in Vitamin A!  This savory bite is high value and makes a nutrient rich addition to your raw feeding routine and training sessions!


    • Pasture Raised Pork
    • Dog & Cat Friendly
    • Great Training Treats
    • Crunchy Texture
    • Feed As-Is
    • Rehydrate & Add to Meals
    • Freeze Dried Raw


    0.8oz Snack Packs

    Freeze Dried Pork Spleen

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