Dehydrated Turkey Feet


$9 each OR 3 for $22


100% Digestible!


Longer Lasting for Tiny to Medium Sized Tough Chewers!  These'll go down fast for the hard chewing pups!


This is a fun way to include your pup in the holiday festivities!  A little longer-lasting than your typical biscuit, this crunchy-chewy goodie is loaded with collagen!  These are BIG feet and range in size from 8" to 12" long!


***We dehydrate at a low temperature so that nothing will splinter!  SPECIAL NOTE! Turkey feet have a tendon that runs the length of the bone and it might look like a bone splinter, but it is not!  Don't be worried!  It's flexible and chewy and will not cause puncture, like bone splinters would if this were cooked at high temperatures.***

Dehydrated Turkey Feet

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