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  • Dehydrated Grass Fed Black Angus Osso Bucco

    Ingredients:Dehydrated Beef Shank (Meat with Marrow Bone)


    FOUR SIZES Sold By Weight:

    $20  3X   <6 ounces

    $30  4X  6 to 10 ounces - Great for dogs up to 50 pound range!

    $40  5X  11 to 15 ounces - Great for dogs up to 90 pound range!

    $60  6X  16 to 24 ounces - Great for dogs over 100 pounds!


    SPECIAL NOTE: Adventurous cats will enjoy this, too!  Though this item is safe for cats, not all cats enjoy chewing through something this hard!  Only order this for your cat if you know that your cat will eat and chew through hard food items!  Take a look through our Instagram photos for a video of our kitty Fennec enjoying an Osso Bucco! Cats will take days/weeks to finish this, and that's ok! (As long as you don't have a dog who'll steal it!)


    These vary in bone/meat ratio, but they're a fan favorite no matter which size you choose!  We select pieces that fall within your selected size range.  This is something that you’d feed your pup in place of dinner!  


    Your baby will eat all the meat and then have the marrow bone to chew on later!  Just remember to provide plenty of fresh drinking water and skip the regular meal!  This is best to feed whileyou're there to monitor, so they don'tswallow anything that's an unsafe size.  Remove any bone fragments that are unsafely sized. 


    - Store in open air, in a paper bag, or in the paper we send it to you in!  DO NOT seal into an airtight container!  This could cause mold growth!  No need to refrigerate or freeze this goodie.  It's safe to be left out until you pet no longer shows interest!  (Freezing beforehand might make it more difficult to chew through, though!)


    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Moisture 8.46%Crude Protein 70.08%Crude Fat 17.66%Crude Fiber 0.62%

    Dehydrated Osso Bucco

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