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  • Pheasant Heads

    Pasture Raised

    Air Dried, Raw

    2 Pc Pack


    Dog Approved!

    *Adventurous* Cat Approved!


    We got our hands on a small batch to test out, and if these go over well we'll keep them in the online shop!  Please let us know what your pets think!


    These make a great addition to a raw feeding routine, but also work as a unique medium weight chew for adventurous eaters!  They have a crunchy, chewy texture that takes a minute to get through.  Use this to build a unique bowl for your babe!


    Yes, there are feathers on them still!  They're completely edible and digestible!  Your pets will benefit from the glucosamine, chondroitin, manganese and omega 3 fatty acids in these air dried raw heads!


    If you're new to feeding unique treats, moitor your pets so make sure htey chew thoroughly before swallowing and always provide a fresh bowl of water, chewing makes a pup thirsty!

    Air Dried Pheasant Heads

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