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  • Air Dried Beef Trachea Bases


    We've been asked for Trachea for quite a while, and we now have a source for grass fed, pasture raised beef trachea!  Yay!


    These bases are thick and meaty, with a good portion of the trachea still attached!


    One size.  Sold individually.


    Trachea is rich in collagen, generally lower in fat, but does come with a natural layer on the outside, and provides a good bit of nutricious entertainment!  We have three sizes available, plus the Meaty Trachea Bases, too!


    Trachea can be stuffed with soft dinner, canned/raw/gently cooked and frozen to make for a longer lasting meal!  


    Length and thickness varies per piece.


    Monitor your pet while they're enjoying these goodies!  You wouldn't want them to swallow a piece too large while you aren't there to help them!


    - Monitor your dogs and learn their chewing habits.  Provide them with plenty of fresh water.  They get thirsty when chewing!  


    - Dogs with sensitive stomachs should be monitored and limited to shorter chew sessions.  Tracheas can have a natural fat on the outside which might irritate those with sensitive digestive systems!


    - We add nothing to these!  They're air dried raw at temperatures below 120 to preserve nutrients!  Dogs LOVE this dense chew!


    - Store in open air, in a paper bag, or in the paper we send it to you in!  Sealing into an airtight container could cause mold growth!  No need to refrigerate or freeze this bone, but do keep in in a room with a cooler temperature.  It's safe to be left out until you pet no longer shows interest!

    Air Dried Beef Trachea Bases

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