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  • Dehydrated Grass Fed Black Angus Beef Rib Bones


    We added more sizes to accomodate a wider range of chewers!


    ******NEW SIZES******

    Size | Net. Wt.


    1X Size 5 oz Ctr.

    2X Size 8 oz Ctr.

    3X Size (1.5 - 2.4 oz. each) Singles or Bulk 3pc packs 

    4X Size (2.5 - 3.9 oz. each) Singles or Bulk 3pc packs

    5X Size (4 - 5.5 oz. each) Singles or Bulk 3pc packs

    6X Size (5.6+ oz.  each) Singles or Bulk 3pc packs


    Size | Per Piece | BULK (3pc) or Ctr.

    1X $25

    2X $35

    3X $9 / $23

    4X $13 / $34

    5X $17/ $45

    6X $21 / $56


    What size will work for my pet? These are general guidelines to help you select a size that will best compliment your pet!


    1X Toy Breeds, Cats < 10 lbs (Toy Poodle, Yorkie, etc)

    2X Small Breeds, Cats 10 - 20 lbs (Chihuahua, Min Pin, etc)

    3X Small/Medium Breeds, Cats 20 - 30 lbs (Jack Russel, Visla, etc)

    4X Medium Breeds, Cats 30 - 50 lbs (Begal, English Pointer, etc)

    5X Medium/Large Breeds 50 - 80 lbs (Lab, Boxer, Greyhound, etc)

    6X Large/Jumbo Breeds 80 - 120 lbs (Rottweiler, Mastiff, etc)


    We sort these by weight, but this is a natural item that varies in length and thickness. We do our best to find a piece that fits into your selected size!


    - Best for softer chewers. Rib bones are softer than marrow bones. Agressive chewers or large jawed dogs will chew these up rather quickly! Softer mouthed dogs will enjoy these best!


    - Our recommendation doesn't doesn't mean that these will work best for your specific dogs. Rib bones are softer than marrow bones, and in general, will be consued more quickly. Dogs will grind this bone down or bite pieces off. It's excellent for keeping teeth clean!


    - Monitor your dogs and learn their chewing habits. Provide them with plenty of fresh water. They get thirsty when chewing bones down!


    - This should be given in moderation as a treat, not a meal replacement.


    - Remove large bone fragments if your dog manages to bite off an unsafe sized piece. While this bone is digestible, if they swallow unsafe sized pieces, it could cause obstruction. This is why we advies knowing your dog's chewing habit and style.


    - Dogs with sensitive stomachs may have difficulty digesting bones.


    - We add nothing to these bones! They're dehydrated gently at a low temperature to preserve nutrients and also prevent the bone from splintering when they chew it! Dogs LOVE these!


    - Store in open air, in a paper bag, or in the paper we send it to you in! Sealing into an airtight container could cause mold growth! No need to refrigerate or freeze this bone, but is keeps best in a cooler environment. It's safe to be left out until you pet no longer shows interest!

    Beef Rib Bones

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