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Salmon Skins Small Restock

Did you know salmon skins were the first product to inspire Piggyback Treats food rescue mission?

Salmon Skins are the by product of sport fishing in New York state and are usually sent out with the trash and before us, were getting sent to landfill. Fishermen only want the fish fillets and so the skins, along with the heads and fins get discarded. Until we came along they didn't have a reason to save these nutrient rich parts. Now it's a win-win-win! We're so proud to be piggybacking with these small businesses and turning this wild caught salmon into amazing treats for dogs and cats.

Thankfully we now have a great network in New York and piggyback with several small fishing cleaning businesses that believe in our vision to rescue food and often have salmon skins available. However, these are a seasonal product! They have not been in stock at Piggyback Treats for a while now. SO HOP ON THIS SMALL BATCH! They will sell out quickly. If you don't get them this round you have two options: 1. In the Salmon Skin item there is the option to "notify when available", it's a red button, when an item comes back in stock, you will get an email alerting you even before we can type up a blog or email our list. You can call first dibs for your furmily and place your order accordingly!

2. Get a little adventurous and try one of our other Salmon products. Your dog or adventurous kitty will get the same nutrients and flavor and you rescue another part of the fish! Again, it's a win, win, win!

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