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We're preparing to launch our first ever Kickstarter! It will go live in the coming days, pending approval by Kickstarter!

We're super excited and cannot wait to share with all of you the great perks we put together to say Thank You for helping us reach a new milestone!

Our goal is $10,000. We are secretly hoping to go well beyond that goal, but wanted to keep the minimum we can use at the base and go from there. So the way kickstarter works, is that you reach your goal and you get all the money and whatever more you make... after paying the % fees and all that jazz. If you don't meet your goal, you don't get any money. NONE. This is crucial for our faithful fans to recognize. We're definitely counting on you to help us make this a successful campaign!

For those who contribute within the first three days, we have some extra special goodies for you! An amped up super package of rewards! Please stay tuned, check in with us if you haven't heard anything, and most importantly, please SHARE the kickstarter every chance you get! This is how small businesses can grow, make an impact, and become an integral part of the community!

We are forever grateful for your support thus far!


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