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Chicken Feet For Dogs & Cats

Updated: Jun 25

Your Fur Babies Will Love Chicken Feet

Fetch-Worthy Chicken Feet for Dogs

Who knew that your furry companion would go crazy for chicken feet? (Psst, we did!) These crunchy delights are not only delicious but also provide numerous health benefits. Made from 100% digestible ingredients, Chicken Feet for Dogs (and some adventitious cats!) are great for keeping your pet's teeth clean without any splintering worries. The chewy skin and crunchy bone work to scrape clean your pet's gum line.

Let your pets enjoy a satisfying chew that's both fun and healthy.

Cat-Approved Snack Packs

If you have a feline friend at home, we've got the covered! Our treats are not just for dogs. This Adventurous Cat-Approved Snack is a purr-fect choice for your meowing companions. Indulge your cats in a crunchy delight that will keep them entertained and satisfied.

New Chicken Feet Chewer?

Dogs are just like us in a lot of ways. New stuff can be scary, even if it smells amazing! If your dog or cat is hesitant to chew on chicken feet we have a solution that often works. Place a chicken foot in a glass of water and keep in the fridge overnight. Because we air dry these, keeping them raw, our chicken foot will reabsorb the water lost during our air drying process. This texture is often more appealing and will encourage your pet to try their new pet treat!

Sustainably Sourced Chicken Feet

As with all our products sold here at Piggyback Treats, these chicken feet are sustainably sourced. We are proud of our mission to resuce food that would otherwise be wasted. Thank you for hoping on this mission with us!

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