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  • This toy features a single layer of denim, stiched with an enclosed seam on the edges.  


    Inside this toy is filled with rescued denim fabric scraps and a plastic water bottle, giving it a soft mouth-feel with a satisfying crunchy sound!


    This toy is best for those pups who like to mouth their toys, but not necessarily tear them apart or chew into them!  These are hand-made using rescued denim fabric from clothing that was rejected from thrift stores.  Denim color and print varies with what we're been able to rescue!  If you're looking for something other than traditional denim, message us and we'll let you know what we have available!


    Small $17 (8.5" Long)

    Large $21 (13" Long)


    If your pet is the type to consume toy pieces, please monitor them while they play with this hand-made toy!  We've done lots of testing to come up with a toy that is durable, yet still maintains the qualities of a hand-made item.  We hope your pup will LOVE it!

    Soft Cruncher Rescued Denim Toy

    $17.00 Regular Price
    $13.60Sale Price
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