Freeze Dried Wild Caught Salmon Rolls


Regular (7")  4pc Pkg. $28 (weight varies)

Large (17") 1pc $18 (weight varies)

Large (17") 3pc $50 (weight varies)

***Bulk Box (5.5") 20pc Per Box $120 (weight varies) ***

Minis (1"-3") 1 oz Per Pkg. (quantity vary)


Wild Caught Salmon Skin AND Meat, rolled up and freeze dried to perfectly suit a fully RAW diet!  


We only have 6 weeks to collect salmon skins from going to waste each Fall.  These are wild caught from the rivers of northern NY!  


Chewy and semi-dense.  This texture is somewhat spongy-crunchy and softens as your pup chews.  Fish skin is naturally very tough, and it will take a few minutes for your pup to get through these!


This is a treat, not intended to be fed in place of a meal.


This item is fully raw!  Please, wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes and any surfaces that may have come into contact with it throughly with hot, soapy water!


***BULK BOXES are prepared TO ORDER.  Please, give us 5 to 7 days to prepare these before we ship them out to you!***


Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude Protein (min) 50%

Crude Fat (min) 32%

Crude, Fiber (max) 5%

Crude Moisture (max) 7%


Calorie Content:
134 kcal/oz

Freeze Dried Meaty Salmon Rolls

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