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Freeze Dried Meaty Salmon




Minis - Qty. Varies (Net. Wt. 0.8oz) $13

Minis - Pantry Bag - Qty. Varies (Net. Wt. 4oz) $55


Our Freeze Dried Wild Caught Salmon Minis are diced up and freeze dried to perfectly suit a fully RAW diet!


The Minis are diced into tiny pieces for training and for kitties! Each available in Snack Packs or Pantry Boxes!


We only have 6 weeks to collect salmon skins from going to waste each Fall. These are wild caught from the rivers of northern NY!


Chewy and semi-dense. This texture is somewhat spongy-crunchy and softens as your pup chews.


Freeze Drying is a very long process. One batch will run for ~ 3 full days (72 hours) in our small machine. Please be understanding, as this item is expensive to produce, both in man hours and machine hours.


FUN FACT! We are in the process of working toward a HUGE freeze dryer which will cut down the time these remain out of stock!


This is a treat, not intended to be fed in place of a meal.


This item is fully raw! Please, wash hands, utensils, counters, food dishes and any surfaces that may have come into contact with it throughly with hot, soapy water!


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 50%

Crude Fat (min) 32%

Crude, Fiber (max) 5%

Crude Moisture (max) 7%

Calorie Content:134 kcal/oz

Freeze Dried Meaty Salmon Minis

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