Beef Tendons

(5 pc. per pkg - sizes vary)

$32 per package


Longer Lasting For Tiny Tough Chewers!


These smaller, denser pieces of beef tendon work best for dogs in the 5 to 25 pound range, but if your larger dogs chew thoroughly before swallowing, then they can have them!  


A great source of collagen and completely digestible while being low in fat!


We recommend certain treats for specific sized dogs because it's best to give treats in sizes that are larger than your pet's mouth, this is why we suggest weight ranges.  Monitor your pet while they're enjoying these goodies!  You wouldn't want them to swallow a piece too large while you aren't there to help them!


Provide plenty of fresh water!  Chewing makes a pup thirsty!

Beef Tendon Nuggets

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