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    - from pasture raised cattle


    Quantity varies with each size option.  Why?  Because we don't get a lot of the larger sizes, but we still want to make them available to as many as possible!


    1X Size: 5pc Pantry Bag $25

    2X Size: 7pc Pantry Bag (7.6 oz) $35 

    3X Size: 4pc Pantry Bag $38

    4X Size: 4pc Pantry Bag $42

    5X Size: 2pc Pantry Bag $35

    6X Size: 2pc Pantry Bag $38


    Length and thickness varies per piece, as this is a natural item. These are sorted by weight.


    Choose pieces that are larger than your pet's mouth, this is why we suggest weight ranges. Monitor your pet while they're enjoying these goodies! You wouldn't want them to swallow a piece too large while you aren't there to help them!


    What size will work for my pet? These are general guidelines to help you select a size that will best compliment your pet!


    1X Toy Breeds, Cats < 10 lbs (Toy Poodle, Yorkie, etc)

    2X Small Breeds, Cats 10 - 20 lbs (Chihuahua, Min Pin, etc)

    3X Small/Medium Breeds, Cats 20 - 30 lbs (Jack Russel, Visla, etc)

    4X Medium Breeds, Cats 30 - 50 lbs (Begal, English Pointer, etc)

    5X Medium/Large Breeds 50 - 80 lbs (Lab, Boxer, Greyhound, etc)

    6X Large/Giant Breeds 80 - 120 lbs+  (Rottweiler, Mastiff, etc)

    Beef Tendons

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