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  • Air Dried Turkey Neck

    Pasture Raised Birds


    Available In:

    Single Piece 

    Three Piece Packages


    For dogs and adventurous cats!

    We like to break off smaller pieces for our adventurous kitties to enjoy!


    This item is 100% digestible with a spongy crunch to it! We use ultra low temperature airflow to slowly dry these, keeping them fully raw! Because of our air drying process, bones will not splinter into dangerous shards, but instead will crunch into tasty bits! There's LOTS of meat, some good collagen, as well as crunchy bones and a little fat.  This can be incorporated into your raw feeding routine, or just fed as a nutritious chew.  Turkey Necks, along with Chicken Necks, will help to clean teeth a little bit, but not as well as poultry feet, beef ribs or beef neck bones will.


    We piggyback with tiny, family run farms by purchasing from them what they were once throwing away, for lack of a customerbase! These chicken backs come from pasture raised birds!


    Best suited for pets who know how to chew properly before swallowing! We like to feed this to our pups as part of their dinner from time to time!


    Don't forget to provide your pup with plenty of fresh drinking water, as chewing makes a pup thirsty! And always supervise your pet while they're enjoying treats, chews and toys! You know your pet best, but sometimes it's beneficial to be reminded that supervision is for their best interest!

    Air Dried Turkey Neck

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