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First Publication!

Let me just gloat for a minute! It feels SO GOOD to see something in print about my small business! I've worked tirelessly for years (the first 2 years of development were mainly in my head...) to make this happen! Blood, sweat and tears have legitimately been spent (and still are) during the creation of Piggyback Treats Company.

Have you ever tried to create something from nothing? It's an incredible feeling to witness it taking shape. (I can only imagine that the closest comparison would be watching your children develop into tiny, unique individuals.) From recipes, to websites, to logos to hashtags. Photos to packaging to table displays to color schemes. Every. Single. Thing. was developed by me. Don't get me wrong, I've had lots of help making things come to life! My mom, sister, boyfriend, friends, shops, designers... I'm thankful and forever grateful to those who have assisted either physically or financially! BUT nothing will ever compare to knowing that if it weren't for my vision and determination, it never would have happened. My heart is beaming!

Here's a link to the first article we've had written up about us!

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