Cat Pack
  • Cat Pack

    CAT PACK $30


    Salmon Sprinkle: Wild Caught Salmon Skins and Meat ground into a fine powder!  Sprinkle this on your kitties food, or let them lick from the tin!  This is dehydrated using airflow, so it’s RAW!  Smells fishy and delicious!  Also works for pups!


    Organic Cat Nip:  Sourced from Canada, this cat nip is the BEST!  Photos below to prove it!


    Rescued Denim Kitty Stuffer: Our toys are handmade using rescued denim fabric!  We collect damaged clothing from thrift stores or donations and create fun, durable toys for both kitties and pups!  The belly of this mouse is velcro closure, so you can stuff it full of that cat nip and let the frenzy begin!


    Liver Jerky: Dehydrated using low temperatures to help retain natural nutrients!  This is still RAW!  This is crisp, thin and can be snapped into tiny pieces easily.  We piggyback with small family farms by buying what they were once throwing away for lack of a customer base!  This is rich and decadent, works well for picky eaters, those with few or sensitive teeth and is an excellent training treat!  Made with either grass fed black Angus beef, pastured pork or pastured lamb liver!  Great for both dogs and cats!

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