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  • Itch Nipper

    6oz Glass Spray Bottle



    A new addition to our natural pet care line!  


    Spray this dog, cat and human-safe solution on hot spots, yeasty toes, itchy ears, eyes, sores and more!  Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.  It is safe to lick and works miracles for those issues that have been plaguing your pup - and you!


    Why are we carrying this magic potion?  What is it?  How come it sounds too good to be true?!  In 2017, we adopted our first cat, Indy Kitty, as a teeny kitten who came with ringworm.  For those who don't know, ringworm is a terribly viscious fungal infection that spreads to everything it touches!  After several trips to the vet, lots of expensive meds, and no relief, we found ourselves and our dogs also plagued with this itchy, nasty looking invection of the skin.  We were battling it for months.  I got desprate - I googled natural remedies!  Up popped all sorts of answers - including bleach (REALLY), and this new thing I had never heard of called colloidal silver.  I took my chances and ran to my local health food store, picked up the expensive little bottle of what looked like water, and started using it on myself first.  It felt like nothing, smelled and looked like nothing.  I kept using it.  Any time I went into my bathroom I applied it and within just TWO DAYS it was going away!  I was so amazed!  I quickly became a believer in natural remedies then, and have been using it for everyting you can think of ever since!  I hope you'll find relief for your babies in this product too!


    Safe to use on dogs, cats and humans!


    No fragerance.


    Colloidal Silver

    Itch Nipper

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