Giblet Jerky

Giblet Jerky

Air Dried Giblet Jerky

1.5oz Pkg $9


6oz Bag $34


Our Giblet Jerky is dehydrated using ultra-low temperatures to help retain natural nutrients! This is still RAW! These bite sized pieces are meaty and dense, resulting in a tough-to-chew-through treat!  Kina like a bite sized bully stick!  We piggyback with small family farms by buying what they were once throwing away for lack of a customer base!  Made with gizzards from pasture raised duck, chicken, guinea hen and pheasant!  Great for both dogs and cats, though most kitties don't like the tough texture.  These work best for smaller dogs, as larger breeds will likely just swallow them whole! 


Ingredients: Air Dried Gizzards (Chicken, Duck, Pheasant, Guinea Hen)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture 9.46%

Crude Protein 72.62%

Crude Fat 12.89%

Crude Fiber 0.50%

Ash 5.56%

Carbohydrates none

Calories 3637 Kcal/kg


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