Geese Feet
  • Geese Feet

    SKU: GF3PC

    Geese Feet Treats


    2 Pc Pkg $14


    1 Lb Box ( approx. 11 pc) $65


    These geese feet are dehydrated using low heat, to help preserve natural nutrients, and to prevent the bone from splintering!  If you’ve ever fed your pup a duck foot, this is very similar, just bigger in size!  They’re completely digestible and are an excellent source of collagen, in addition to working as a natural toothbrush!


    We piggyback with small family run farms, and these geese feet come from a small farm outside of Philly called Keiser’s Pheasantry.  They come from pasture raised birds who are well loved and cared for.  This small farm raises poultry for some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia, and this is one of the parts that this farm lacked a buyer for, so we stepped in to rescue this high value goodie from going to waste!


    These are only available seasonally - and this is the first season we’ve ever had them!

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