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  • Air Dried Turkey Feet For Dogs


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    3 Pc. Pantry Bags


    100% Digestible!  Our Air Dried Turkey Feet For Dogs are more crunchy than chicken or duck feet, but they're still loaded with collagen!  Have no fear, the long thin pieces inside the leg are tendons, not bones!  They're flexible and chewy!


    This is a stinky item and also a slightly messy item, for those reasons, we typically recommend feeding it outside unless you're a hardcore dog parent!


    Air dried turkey feet for dogs  are longer Lasting for Tiny to Medium Sized Tough Chewers!  These'll go down fast for the hard chewing pups!


    This is a fun way to include your pup in the holiday festivities!  A little longer-lasting than your typical biscuit, this crunchy-chewy goodie is loaded with collagen!  These air dried turkey feet are BIG feet and range in size from about 8" to 12" long!


    ***We air dry at ultra-low temperatures so that nothing will splinter!  SPECIAL NOTE!  Air dried turkey feet have a cluster of tendons that run the length of the bone and it might look like a bone splinter, but it is not!  Don't be worried!***

    Air Dried Turkey Feet For Dogs

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