Dehydrated Oxtail (One PIece ~ 6 Ounces or more Net Weight) These vary in thickness, length, and the amount of bone/cartilage/meat. We select based on weight, and also if you've included instructions on the style that your pup enjoys.This is something you’d feed your dog instead of dinner! They’ll consume every part of the oxtail including the bone! Just provide plenty of drinking water and remember not to feed the regular meal!


- Store in open air, in a paper bag, or in the paper we send it to you in!  Sealing into an airtight container could cause mold growth!  No need to refrigerate or freeze this goodie.  It's safe to be left out until you pet no longer shows interest!


Ingredients:Dehydrated Beef Oxtail


Guaranteed Analysis:Moisture 8.46%Crude Protein 70.08%Crude Fat 17.66%Crude Fiber 0.62%

Dehydrated Oxtail

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